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Saturday, 25 July 2015


Nari Adalat 
The concept devised ‘By women for women’ - the Nari Adalats is operational for legal justice in over 19 regions in Gujarat. Women jurists dispense justice in women’s cases of divorce, abandonment, violence, rape and dowry demands. These courts are set up for women empowerment and gender justice. These courts are not recognized by the State as a legal forum. However, the autonomous hybrid institutions are para legal authority who solve women cases faster than judicial courts. These courts are helping rural women overcome problems encountered in the normal judicial system. Inaccessibility, cost, time, unfamiliarity with legal procedures, inadequate resources, and a traditional disregard of the needs of women – all solutions get speedy, efficacy, and cost effective.
Mahila Vrudh Ashram 
Old Parents are day by day being neglected by the Youth. As a result, the WCD has made special arrangements for uncared women and foster their needs. State Government has set up Old Age Homes for such destitute. Exclusive Women Old Age homes are structured with an exclusive existing Home at Jamnagar.
Saat Phera Samuh Yojna 
Joint marriages are more economical through WCD schemes in Gujarat. Minimum five couples and over, who get married from the scheduled caste whose family income is Rs.11000/- , the couple gets Rs.5000/- in the form of Narmada Shreenidhi Certificate along with Merit Certificate. For organizing the Samuh Lagna, (group marriage), a sum of Rs.1000/- is offered.
Kunverbai nu Mameru scheme 
WCD makes provisions for monetary help to scheduled caste for their daughter’s marriage under Kunverbai nu mameru scheme. Those who gets an annual income of Rs.11,000/- can avail Rs.5000/- for their one daughter’s marriage. For this, Rs.2000/- are given to girl’s parents/guardian and Rs.3000/- is given to the girl in the form of Kisan Vikas Patra.